Tiara Grayson


When viewing the criminal justice system, it is always investigated through a criminological approach. Meaning, there are numerous studies that attempt to get an understanding of why crime occurs, rather than the “why” in regards to the criminal justice system. The actors of the criminal justice system and their methods of crime control are rarely examined. In this paper, I will examine the behaviors of those who are attached to the criminal justice system; this includes the police, the media, politicians, and the public, who all play a role in how the criminal justice system functions, regarding immigration. Studying the criminal justice system is beneficial because “understanding the why of criminal justice behavior is crucial for the effective development and implementation of policy and reforms. A second benefit just as important involves not the control of crime but crime control.” (Kraska, 2006, p. 5)

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Master's Project

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Criminal Justice (MS)

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Department of Criminal Justice (CLA)


Jason Scott


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