In the past two decades, the rapid development of technology has made our daily life has changed dramatically. Everything has become easier and more convenient. However, while we can already communicate with people anywhere in the world in real time, most deaf and hard of hearing (HOH) people still need the intervention of a sign language interpreter to carry out their daily studies and work. Undeniably, Internet technology and smartphones have also significantly changed the lives of deaf people. But the barriers between them and the hearing world still exist. A significant number of studies have pointed out that cultural identity issues among the deaf community are increasing due to difficulties in communicating with the hearing community. Communication difficulties also pose problems for the deaf community in areas such as education, health care, employment, etc. I believe that the advancement of technology should benefit everyone. Therefore, this project will focus on the communication problem between deaf and hearing people.

Voicer is an application designed to make everyday communication easier for deaf people. The core function of this application is detecting and interpreting American Sign Language (ASL). Many researchers have attempted to address the communication problems of deaf people from this perspective in the past, but the results have been less than satisfactory. In recent years, electromyography (EMG) sensing technology has been rapidly developed. Movements of the arms and even the fingertips can be detected precisely by EMG sensors. This provides a new direction for solving the communication problems of deaf people. The design of Voicer is also based on the development of EMG sensing technology.

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Deaf--Means of communication--Technological innovations; American Sign Language--Translating; Electromyography

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