The 21st century is the era of the Internet, big data, but also the era of AI. The vigorous development of AI and Internet technology has also injected fresh blood into the traditional medical industry. Today, the Internet affects every aspect of the medical and health industry. For example, medical providers can use the Electronic Health Record System (EHR) to quickly obtain the necessary information and data to assist them to make disease diagnoses. The remote consultation and consultation of medical staff also require the help of the Internet, especially the 5G Internet. In this context, the demands of individual users for health services have gradually expanded to the network, and the demands for fast access to health data, remote consultation, and medical appointments have also gradually become prominent. Especially during COVID-19, due to the city's restrictions command and social distance rule, the advantages of online medical services have also been reflected. Under this situation, as the designer, I began to think about the impact of design on the medical industry.

The project Healthway reflects the outlook and vision of the future medical industry. With the development of medical testing technology, a large amount of data content is continuously obtained. At present, many hospitals generally use the traditional record and storage method of handwritten or paper documents, its limitations gradually appear. Therefore, the demand for medical data analysis and visualization based on the Internet platform has gradually become one of the critical needs of the medical industry. Healthway is attempting to provide users with a wealth of health data that will allow patients to actively participate in the management of their health.

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Medical records--Data processing; Health--Interactive multimedia--Design; Mobile apps--Design

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Visual Communication Design (MFA)

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School of Design (CAD)


Mike Strobert

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Adam Smith

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