Air and water are the most important resource for mankind. Water conservation is a concept that everyone knows, but how many water conservation products can we see in our life? Kitchen water is one of the most important parts of domestic water use, and its life cycle in the kitchen should be given more attention. Making good use of kitchen water will bring environmental benefits to our future generations. This article will first discuss the current situation of kitchen water and the need for reuse of water resources, and then discuss the ways of reusing kitchen water. This article will discuss the new relationships between family members in the future in helping to preserve and reuse water in the kitchen. This article will also discuss a kitchen layout that builds a closer relationship between family members in our future life, creates a variety of life scenes through the design of space and user movements, and explores the relationship between different shapes to achieve the most effective way of using space. At the same time, it satisfies the user's daily behavior when using the kitchen. Then, this article will discuss a kitchen design that can reuse water resources and build more life scenarios. At last, this article will show the potential of this design in the future.

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Kitchens--Design and construction; Water reuse; Kitchens--Social aspects

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