We are living in an environment with diversified culture and too many choices in front of us make us overwhelmed. Trying something new and having new experiences is important, but a lot of people refuse to leave their comfort zone. In the long run, leaving our comfort zone will also help us gain new/refreshed experiences and realize a new self in the future.

People do not want to leave their comfort zone because of various reasons, but when some of us want to there may be mental barriers in front of us. People are hesitant to make the decision at the moment or have the willingness but hard to take an action. The loss of control of the situation causes anxiety, which can prevent us from leaving our comfort zone.

This project is starting from a small standpoint, leaving the comfort zone of food. This may sound easy to do, but based on my observations and research, a decent amount of people don’t want to try something they don’t know, something “weird”, or never tried before. Especially foreigners in a new country, like myself. Trying local food provides a great and important way to get familiar with the country and the different cultures. My project is using a fun and interactive way to add gamification elements to help people try some food new.

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Food habits--Psychological aspects--Interactive multimedia--Design; Food habits--Social aspects--Interactive multimedia--Design; Gamification; Mobile apps--Design

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Visual Communication Design (MFA)

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School of Design (CAD)


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