Asthma is a chronic disease that cannot be cured. Every attack of asthma is a physical and mental destruction to patients, bringing pain and economic burden to patients, and seriously affecting the quality of life and happiness index of patients. But the vast majority of asthma cases can be completely controlled with appropriate treatment and intervention. Investigations at home and abroad have found that the self-health management level of asthma patients is still at a relatively low level, and more than half of asthma patients are in a state of out-of-control.

Currently, there is no online software that can effectively help people with allergies such as asthma check the ambient air quality and keep track of changes in the air quality. So of asthma patients need a simple and convenient mobile phone software to use, which can through to the reality and the existing network, more quickly and accurately provide people with more air quality information, makes the asthma patients can pass on these information collection, to respond to their surrounding environment, to avoid detrimental to their own conditions of the environment, so as to ease the development of the disease.

Based on the above analysis, an application that is connected with the air quality sensor network of the world's major cities need to be designed. By taking advantage of the advantages of sensors everywhere in the city, it can detect the surrounding environment and provide the effective air quality information obtained to the users more quickly and accurately. To help asthmatic patients monitor changes in their surroundings in real time, and using AR technology feature could allow people to monitor local air quality through real-time image processing. Thus, the incidence of respiratory diseases caused by changes in the air environment can be reduced.

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Air quality--Interactive multimedia--Design; Asthmatics--Services for--Design; Mobile apps--Design

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Visual Communication Design (MFA)

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School of Design (CAD)


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Joel Rosen

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