The struggles individuals encounter in their lifetime have as many peaks and valleys as a roller coaster at an amusement park. The goal of my thesis work is to unpack the complex feelings of personal breakdowns so that the viewer can empathize with the raw emotions of these chaotic situations and establish a bridge of empathy from person to person. My investigation uses the relationship of life casting and found objects to create a personal, tangible connection for my audience. The struggle and turmoil we encounter in life can create the common ground needed for others to identify with these experiences. When creating my life cast molds, I document the individual stories of the models I work with to bring their perspectives into the piece. This allows me to construct a narrative around the physical artifacts from our interaction. We cannot control the absurdity that life throws at us; the response to emotional chaos will vary from person to person.

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Metal sculpture--Themes, motives; Found objects (Art); Suffering in art; Patients--Pictorial works

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Fine Arts Studio (MFA)

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School of Art (CAD)


Elizabeth Kronfield

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Denton Crawford

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Susan Ferrari-Rowley


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