This thesis examines a search for the sublime. Definitions of the sublime have transformed over the centuries. In the modern era, that has come to encompass an idea of the Technological Sublime. This thesis will examine a more nature-centric idea of the sublime, with a thoughtful examination of the current digital culture and it’s impact. As we continue to become more distant from our natural world, and more immersed in the digital landscape, we miss opportunities to connect with our true nature and gain-first hand knowledge of the sublime understandings that nature can impart to us. This thesis explores our natural and digital culture - culminating in mixed media printmaking and installation. Concepts of our material culture, and the non- material sublime are at the core of the investigation. Reflections on the human experience and our social culture are seen in visual imagery of invented landscapes in printmaking, forms and materials of our natural world and abstract digital imagery. Research includes time spent in nature and elements collected from our digital culture. Printmaking and mixed media combine representations of invisible forces - electric, thermal, radio, with elements drawn from the current digital culture - AI responses, news feeds, and promotions, that often ‘exist’ only briefly in our digital landscape, into the material world. They now become artifacts of this current period in time. Keywords Sublime : lofty, grand, or exalted in thought, expression, or manner : of outstanding spiritual, intellectual, or moral worth : tending to inspire awe usually because of elevated quality (as of beauty, nobility, or grandeur) or transcendent excellence https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/sublime Technological Sublime In his book American Technological Sublime, David Nye points out a number of different places this term is mentioned, starting with Perry Miller in The Life of the Mind in America. “..awe inspired by large-scale applications of technological prowess” Digital Culture Gmail AI responses, advertising, news apps, social apps, gaming apps, time spent on a screen.

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