This thesis explores the connections between us as parents, children, and spouses. These relationships often involve choices to sacrifice pleasure and want for stability and the meeting of other’s needs. They also encompass challenges overcome as well as dreams and wishes never achieved. These connections, I have come to believe, are at the core of what makes us who we are. In my own life as a child, wife, mother, and artist the issues related to relationships and connections to others have defined the parameters of my journey. Bonds that link or separate us, desire, privilege, tribulation, and solace have all played a critical role. In this body of work, I am focusing on the desires of my own ego versus the needs of all others in the relationships that define my past and present. The two-dimensional prints and installation works that constitute this body of work convey the discoveries and connections that define my passage as an artist and a mother and wife. They use artifacts and images from times in my life that hold emotional and therapeutic meaning to me and that I believe many others, women in particular, can share in. The foundation of my exploration is a collection of memorabilia, photographs, and household items through which I explore events, both happy and painful, that have had the most profound effect on my personal worldview. All this exploration will take place using experimental printmaking techniques. The installation of these images will also incorporate some actual household items in combination with my prints. Inevitably, my challenges through the 2020 Covid 19 lockdown will become crucial in my decision to depict my work in a gallery setting using Photoshop.

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Prints--Themes, motives; Families in art; Altruism--Pictorial works

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Fine Arts Studio (MFA)

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Eileen F. Bushnell

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