In this thesis, I discuss human nature by exploring the psychological state of human beings in the first period of life. A baby symbolizes the beginning of a life cycle. Most people have forgotten their state at the beginning of life, the period when human beings have the purest humanity. The baby is like a magnifying glass, completely expressing human nature, and demonstrates many different aspects of the human inner world. Through the baby, the diversity of human personality can be clearly seen, making the baby a suitable object to study human characteristics.

For me, a baby is both a complex and simple individual to explore. When people grow up, the environment in which they live and their education may change some of their personality characteristics while others are retained. Through reading, I found that the two most apparent psychological characteristics that are most pronounced during infancy are omnipotent narcissism and paranoid division. Starting from these two characteristics, I thought about the essential character of human beings, the relationship between humans and the universe, and what that relationship means.

This thinking and research produced a series of artworks. Each piece of the work opened up new thinking and guided the creation of the next. The thesis work functions as a mirror that reflects the innate qualities of people. The whole process was a record of questions and answers in which I kept asking myself questions in an attempt to find answers, broaden my thinking, and evaluate my feelings. This process led me to an infantile field where I can feel and appreciate life, the universe, and self from a whole different perspective. Throughout the production of these artworks, I strove to improve my cognition and help myself out of the confusion of life.

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Infants in art; Prints--Themes, motives; Painting--Themes, motives; Plaster sculpture--Themes, motives

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