Since Machine learning software explored the first recruitment software and found that utilizing technology improves their efficiency at work, speed, and makes the process easier, the use of machine learning for recruitment has become one of the major themes in human resources. In a few years, hiring top talents may lean entirely on the ability of the recruiters to automate their workflows intelligently. Over time, the function of human resource management has indeed evolved in organizations, as technology has been marveled for its greater efficiency in almost every sector. The use of Machine learning for recruiting in organizations has not only saved recruiters’ time but has also enhanced the quality of hiring, as top talents are often in high demand. Furthermore, using machine learning has improved the functionalities of human resource management and made the process of recruiting of new staff and candidates easier. This paper aims to bring to light the importance of using Al in the recruitment process for the Dubai Police Academy and to develop and test a prototype of the system for the functionalities it is meant to perform. This paper has three objectives, which include assessing the need for Machine learning in the organization’s recruitment processes, assessing the levels of adopting this technology, and, finally, investigating the number of complaints during such crucial exercises in the organization. It also uses a survey research design and triangulates both qualitative and quantitative methods for improving the validity and credibility of the study outcomes.

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