The most measurement tool used to measure daily employee performance is the daily productivity rate. It is an important indicator to understand employee daily performance and achievement. As a management level or as any successful manager, they are looking to achieve a higher percentage of daily productivity per employee to increase their department's total outcome. The primary purpose of this project is to implement the predicting and model and analysis techniques to improve and forecast the productivity of HV-design employees and reduce the lost time per day. Also, this project aims to identify the current situation of daily employee performance by using a productivity rate. Also, identify the leading causes that affect an individual's productivity, which leads to an increase in lost time. Determine the relationship between employee happiness and daily productivity rate and how happiness can affect the daily productivity rate. Moreover, using time series to build a predicting model to predict daily employee productivity for the next years. Finally, predict the best time of the year to lets the employee goes to have different training courses. To achieve the project goals, I will depend on the dataset of the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority HV-design department from 2017 till November 2019. The dataset includes daily productivity and lost time per day.

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