The physical contact or the daily body interaction with people by shaking hands, using electronic and payment cards or touching objects such as devices, pens, access cards and gates, all these habits increase the proportion of spreading microbes, viruses and spread diseases among the people all over the world. This project illustrates how body contact can lead to a global disaster by spreading dangerous diseases and deadly viruses among people because of their daily dealings and routine. Analytical techniques were used to explore the relevant data and visualize how body contact increases the infection of a disease to become a pandemic, moreover, how entities lose data and waste important information of their daily consumers without getting any benefit in their business development and marketing. This project has gone further by conducting exploratory analysis on three datasets about Covid19, risk level, and wasting data. Specifying the feature columns was the first step, then cleaning them through handling the missing value and replacing the null values. Understanding all three datasets through visualizing them and exact the knowledge and observations to build the insights. The visualization demonstrated how the new cases of Covid19 were increased, the effectiveness of the metrics applied by the governments presented by the level of the stringency in the first dataset. In addition, the project focused on the United Arab Emirates and its role in tackling the pandemic compared with the other GCC countries. Moreover, Using the machine learning algorithms to build a smart solution depending on the second dataset, testing more than one algorithm and compared among them using the Cross-Validation method and chose the best.

The more interesting solution in this project was through building another smart solution depending on the result of the Data Importance survey in the third dataset. This solution will eliminate wasting data and increase the ability to use collected data in developing the entity business and transform them into data-driven entities. As a result of this project, the unified contactless App will work to reduce the direct body contact and mitigating the use of the access cards and tactile devices available at the gates of public and private entities. In return, using this smart solution will reduce the infection of any pandemics and will generate a huge amount of data about users that will help in conducting business analysis to improve the quality of the services and increase the satisfaction and happiness indicators, develop the procedures of prevention and protection, raise the level of security in the society by monitoring and tracing any illegal habits and behaves.

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Master's Project

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Sanjay Modak

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Ehsan Warriach


RIT Dubai