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The prevalence of diabetes mellitus has risen dramatically in developing countries over the past two decades, especially in India. There is a lack of awareness about the condition, how to treat it, and the symptoms of diabetes amongst the general population. Regular screening of adults is essential for early detection and care, but inadequate knowledge about type 2 diabetes is preventing the country from fighting a fair battle. Christian Medical College (CMC) in collaboration with Albert Einstein College of Medicine has taken the initiative to educate the general public and re-educate the physicians around the country about diabetes. There is no material available for the lay public to get basic information about diabetes. The textbooks created by the CMC faculty for the physicians lack clear illustrations and simple design. There are a couple of simple solutions that can improve patient education material and health professional education material. An animation could be used to help educate the public using cultural references of Tamil Nadu, India. This animation can be played in a physician’s office for an easy quick summary of the disease and care, it will also be available on the CMC’s YouTube and website. Animations with a spoken message as compared to a written one have been shown to improve recall in patients (Meppelink 2015). A re-design of the textbook for physicians with clear, simple illustrations using the CMC faculty’s medical knowledge can elevate the content of the textbook.

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Diabetes--India--Vellore--Popular works; Diabetes--India--Vellore--Pictorial works; Diabetes--Interactive multimedia--Design

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