Epilogue to Resonance is a body of photographic work that focuses on how the resonance of imagery can be used as a tool for communication. This thesis expounds upon that idea, reflecting on photography as a medium to convey emotional affect and thought in a non-verbal form. After situating the photographic project within the historical moment of the 2020-21 coronavirus pandemic, this thesis goes on to analyze historical, psychological, and philosophical groundings as they relate to the processing of thoughts in the mind. This is accomplished through research into concepts by Thomas Nagel, and Stephen Kosslyn, and through interviews with, Temple Grandin, Charles Kochan, and others. It discusses ideas of the subjective experience, thinking in pictures, how images are imprinted in the mind, and a new concept of vertex memory. It further reflects on how verbal communication created invisible barriers that the author overcame through the visual language of photography. Epilogue to Resonance was presented as a poem of visual significance. The work was displayed in various sizes and heights adding physical undulation and non-linear connections between each photograph on the wall. In addition, a portfolio of prints was displayed which viewers could touch and re-sequence, allowing them to free associate with the photographs.

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Photography, Artistic--Themes, motives; Nonverbal communication; Visual learning; Visual communication in art

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Photography and Related Media (MFA)

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School of Photographic Arts and Sciences (CAD)


Josh Thorson

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Ahndraya Parlato

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Gregory Halpern


RIT – Main Campus

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