Design Approval smart application for assure the healthy and safety installations for buildings and properties in Dubai using programming and automations. It will enable the engineers in the concerned departments to have effective use of time and effort through having automatic first line defends reviewing the submissions of the electrical engineers contractors/ consultants who will be referred to as customers through the project description. The application will be a data base that carries the original standards and regulations that related to the installations of the electricity wiring in the government of Dubai. That kind of information’s are already distributed as written documents in both hard/soft copies. Having such a general standards and regulations that been updated every couple of years made it such a hard time to the customers to follow up. Also, in the same time it’s difficult to the customer to submit the correct submission from the first time trail to the concern department of electricity. This application will have the support of the city strategies in adaptation of the digital tools and program in order to be the masters in the digital transformation in the world. We are aligned with the fast improvement of the technologies all over the world. We will focused on the elements of how we can enable the software with the current/modification of hardware along with the networks and the rapidly increase of the data are pervading the business world quickly, deeply and broadly. In same time we will not neglecting the faster environment developments that the city is looking forwards such as the interfacing the machine learning and the Arterial intelligence in all industrial and governmental aspects. Moreover, the application will be as guidance tools to the upcoming business companies that would be establishing new business in Dubai. They will find the smart and digital way to know about the regulations and standards in more professional ways.

However, the government employee will be able to have more control in the productivity through the day. It’s by having the first line defense ready as the machine dealing with the initial phase of the approval procedures. That will give him the power to use the time effectively. Moreover, transfer him to more powerful employee with skills to improve and modified some of the features that it’s already in the system. Having to learn about the system and observer of the how the application is working and give some

enhancement. Which make him part of continues development in the application will increase his involvements and commitment to success of the application. That have different angle of the technology and how it will affect the social aspects too. The application will have the options to view the measurements of the electrical equipments and 2-3 dimensions of the sites to give fulfill views to the engineers how setting in the disk in his company. Moreover, the application will show some of the ideal projects tablets to make it easy to the customer to follow up with the types of their projects such as: if the project building is existing for 30 years ago and some modification will be done as a renovation. As customers concerned about the budget and the way he can make the job done with least changes. More over as a government utility we study the cases as individual to safe the network and the safety of the resident primary. This is to be some of the challenges that we will be discussing later through the project.

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Master's Project

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Professional Studies - City Sciences (MS)

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Graduate Programs & Research (Dubai)


Sanjay Modak

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RIT Dubai