As time goes, some Lego players are no longer satisfied with playing the Lego official set. I saw a comment on the internet about why Lego is so popular all over the world, it said, “I personally think that Lego, building in accordance with the instructions in the first basic gameplay, and ultimately it is necessary to reconstruct and design your own model with these basic parts. This is the ultimate charm of Lego toys.” If you played Lego long enough, you would want to jump out the instruction and challenge something different than you built before. Most Lego players have this feeling, so, they prefer to use Lego to create whatever they want. These shapes may be some objects in reality, or they may look like fantasy. I have to admit that the MOC (My Own Creation) play gives many people the opportunity to realize their dreams, and also, it attracts others to build them.

There are lots of Lego players who love to play MOC, but they all have a common problem which is the preparatory work before build a MOC is important and time-consuming work. Few players know how to speed up this process.

In this paper, a supportive app is designed for Lego players to improve their playing experience of MOC. The app could help players to reduce the time spent on preparatory work by using AI sorting technology, so they can quickly get into the building process which they enjoy the most. And the app is a platform to share and discover ideas about how objects in reality, or in fantasy can be built in Lego.

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LEGO toys; Application software--Development; Artificial intelligence; Automatic classification

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