We Eat is an animated short film showing the struggles of a survivor living in an apocalyptic world within a cruise ship that holds the last of humanity, most of whom are wealthy, opulent, greedy people. We follow the protagonist on her journey through the ship as she attempts to save a single baby calf. The inhabitants on the ship are obese, obsessed with consumption, and all are wearing animal masks that cover their eyes. Justine, the protagonist, frightened as she slips from a room, closes an unseen item in her luggage case, and begins to flee the hungry passenger from whom she has just stolen.

The monstrous pursuer follows her everywhere she goes. She manages to lose the follower for brief periods, but still, the anxiety and pressure of being in that sick world makes her weak. With her power of will, she stays strong. It is not easy to ignore people around her and their lifestyles.

The elevator that takes Justine to her safe place is located in the most densely populated area on board the ship: the restaurant. She believes in her goal and she's working toward the only good change she can find. Her room on top of the ship has a small window that lets the fresh air in, and it's a hopeful room, full of life, like she is. She lets the cow in her luggage out and releases it through the window while hoping for a better future for the world. Unfortunately, as the viewer is shown, the outside of the ship appears grim and hope for life seems dismal. The sun appears to be burning the earth on the horizon and the world itself seems beyond recovery.

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Animated films--Themes, motives; Animation (Cinematography); Apocalyptic films; Gluttony--Drama

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Film and Animation (MFA)

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School of Film and Animation (CAD)


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