Lack of interactions within a shared community creates relationship barriers resulting in isolation, disconnected work teams, missed collaboration opportunities, and an overall shortage of peer connections. Community members feel connected when associations are built on perceived similarities, and the associated experiences have common features. Therefore, it is critical to understand how visually identifying and presenting associations advances opportunities to unite and remedy untapped success within a shared community.

Associations are often distinguished by similarity, contrast, and closeness. It is assumed similar stimuli evoke similar reactions, and therefore assumptions of association and connection are based on (or AKIN to) this. AKIN is a large format, interactive installation placed in the public space of a shared community. It visually makes associative, explanatory, and image associations between projects that can be interacted with and viewed by members. Like a word network, the installation recognizes associations across content and visually suggests meaningful points of connection.

When members feel connected, they engage, share information, and utilize resources efficiently, strengthening the overall community. Placing AKIN publicly in a shared space will increase interaction between community members by identifying associated characteristics among projects, establishing opportunities for meaningful collaboration and interaction across teams resulting in feelings of connection and enhanced peer relations. Understanding how to visually identify and present associations to community members increases opportunities to coalesce and remedy untapped success within a shared community.

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Teams in the workplace--Interactive multimedia--Design; Project management--Interactive multimedia--Design; Information visualization

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