This study focused on how influential the pros and cons of buying prescription glasses in store and online were as described by millennials living in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). A qualitative research design was utilized, which included open-ended questions in a structured interview protocol. The seven participants that were interviewed were all millennials living in the GTA and have purchased eyewear online and in store. The main discoveries included participants appreciating the low prices when purchasing online, in store assistance, and the similar quality of eyewear offered online and in store. All participants stated that the fit and style of the frames influenced where they would purchase their glasses. Although current research suggests that millennials value experience and relationships with retailors over cost, it was determined that the participants considered low prices to be the driving factor in their decision making, despite being loyal to their optometrist’s practice. Since online pricing is lower than in store pricing as well as participants deeming the quality of glasses similar for both purchasing options, the participants are likely to continue purchasing online in the future. Suggestions for further research are discussed as well as limitations within the study.

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Master's Project

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Service Leadership and Innovation (MS)

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School of International Hospitality and Service Innovation (SCB)


Jennifer Matic


RIT Croatia