People start to aware of living in a sustainable life and used school furniture is a part of the waste. School is a learning environment, and students are not only learned from teachers but also anything around them. How schools treat school furniture can be a huge influence on student’s attitudes to treat things in their lives. Therefore, this article is about how to redesign the school furniture sustainably and create an educational opportunity for students to learn how to live a sustainable lifestyle.

After the author analyses three aspects of the needs of school, manufacture, and sustainability and then conclude those three key features in the concept. Firstly, it is easy to repair. Keeps the product simple, eliminates complex components, and the user does not need an instruction manual to fix the product. Secondly, it needs to be strong and durable. Based on interviews and feedback from educational faculty, the school furniture must be strong because people will not be as gentle compared to using furniture at home. Thirdly, it can be disassembled. Accessibility to replacement parts is easy because of the design.

Based on those three features to develop the design that extends the life of the school furniture. The school can save the cost of furniture and also give a chance for students to learn to treat objects around them in a proper way.

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