In modern American culture, a lack of emphasis has developed in regards to education and its value and role for the future. This has plagued the nation with despair, which has increased over the last several years. A growing interest in STEAM education and the available paths following secondary education, we can revitalize the nation and redirect our future to a more lucrative outcome: vocations, entrepreneurship, or post-secondary education based upon the correct path for each individual life.

The application of STEAM in education can create opportunities and expand knowledge in fields across the board: exposure to arts can create a level of humanism to the future that currently is not present, and exposure to math can expose the methods behind the process.. Furthermore, by reducing the stigma on vocations, we can create a generation who not only hold the truths behind applied sciences, but can create a future of prosperity and hope.

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Technology--Vocational guidance--Interactive multimedia--Design; Science--Vocational guidance--Interactive multimedia--Design; Technology--Education, Higher--Interactive multimedia--Design; Science--Education, Higher--Interactive multimedia--Design; Poor youth--Vocational guidance--United States--Interactive multimedia--Design

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