With the rapid development of science and technology, “digitization” as a new structure carrier of information codes has been widely used by more and more people. Contemporary museums are no longer confined to the traditional mode of exhibition, but now are able to employ a high degree of integration of conventional physical displays and digital technology. Through various channels, such as social media, website platforms, documentaries and movies, and related apps, museums enhance the interaction and experience of the audience. This research project surveyed Chinese and American college students about their engagement with museums and the effectiveness of digital technology use in museums. This research found that many people have never been to online museums. Moreover, people who visited physical museums consider digital images, sound, video, and 3D images as the most popular digital tools. This research could help museum curators attract a more diverse audience. Not only could this research help inactive visitors generate interest, but also engage and educate active visitors with the museum in new ways through the use of technology.

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Master's Project

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Media Arts and Technology (MS)

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School of Photographic Arts and Sciences (CAD)


Christine Heusner


RIT – Main Campus