As information and communication technologies continue to be integrated into every aspect of people's daily lives, a wide variety of public terminal devices that provide self-service have begun to emerge in a variety of public spaces. Its rapid development covers a wide range of industries, including banking and finance, medical services, transportation, and tourism. Self-service terminals have gradually replaced manual services with their high efficiency, speed, and low cost. At first, the self-service is designed to reduce the burden on manual service and, it is efficient and can bring more benefits to the business. Under such conditions how to solve more problems in a faster way becomes the primary influence factor for self-service. Currently, Consumers’ attitudes toward consumption have gradually shifted from pragmatism to hedonism, which means consumers have higher requirements for the user experience of self-service. A more user-friendly public transportation service system needs to be designed to better serve users’ daily travel demand.

This thesis project will show a new metro self-service ticket vending system designed based on the Chengdu metro. The author will design a system that allows users to complete ticket purchases without resorting to the mobile phone map app. The system has main functions such as search destination/ buy tickets/ recharge metro card. The metro ticket generated by the system will be customized according to the destination and departure station, and specific information such as station name, transfer information, and approximate time will be recorded on it.

The project hopes to enable people who are familiar or unfamiliar with the city to use the subway self-service system smoothly, reduce the frustration of users in the ticket purchase process, increase the pleasure of using the Chengdu metro, and deepen the friendly impression of the city.

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Subways--China--Chengdu; Self-service (Economics); Reservation systems--Design

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Visual Communication Design (MFA)

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School of Design (CAD)


Adam Smith

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Joel Rosen


RIT – Main Campus

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