As displays continue to increase in resolution and refresh rate, new materials for thin film transistors (TFTs) are required. Low temperature polycrystalline silicon (LTPS) formed by excimer laser annealing (ELA) has been very successful and has been implemented in small displays, but cost and scalability issues prevent it from entering larger display products. Currently LPTS TFTs are top-gate structures due to manufacturing challenges associated with crystallizing thin film silicon when a thermally conductive gate is under portions and insulating glass under others. Bottom-gate devices offer the benefit of higher breakdown voltage, better dielectric-semiconductor interface quality, and direct access to the back-channel region for interface trap passivation. The ability to fabricate bottom-gate devices would allow for different integration and design schemes and is a prerequisite for double gate structures. Flash lamp annealed (FLA) LTPS is an attractive method to expand the size of displays that use high mobility TFTs due to its scalability and parallel production nature.

In this work bottom-gate LTPS TFTs were fabricated via FLA with indium tin oxide (ITO), a transparent conductive oxide, used as the gate electrode. A p-channel TFT with 4 µm channel length crystallized with a FLA energy of 4.4 J/cm2 for 250 µs demonstrated a low-field mobility of 190 cm2/(Vs), a subthreshold slope of 325 mV/dec, on/off state ratio of seven orders of magnitude, and a threshold voltage of -5.4 V. A dielectric failure mechanism was identified that compromised the transistor operation under high drain bias and an alternative dopant introduction techniques were proposed to mitigate this issue. An effect due to the transduction of optical energy from the field to thermal energy under the channel via the gate was observed. Details of the FLA crystallization process, device fabrication, and electrical characteristics will be presented.

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Thin film transistors--Materials; Polycrystalline semiconductors; Annealing of crystals

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Microelectronic Engineering (MS)

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