As individuals transition through life, it is growing more and more difficult for everyone to live in the same world when perceptions of situations are skewed. Each individuals’ perception is colored by their life’s experiences which give rise to a distorted view of the world, creating biases, and affirming that our perception is a product of our past that is pushing forward into our future. The more technology promotes isolation and damages in-person communication, the more individuals are growing less aware of those around them, and how their experiences, and life events affect the way they view and respond to the world. The following paper attempts to provide an inside look at what individuals face with the addition of technology that instead of aiding in the production of meaningful connections, exploits its’ users into thinking the world revolves around them, thus producing feelings of isolation, depression, and loneliness. Research was conducted into the effects of technology on meaningful communication, how experiences and emotion shape views of the world in different ways, and the importance of storytelling in creating a safe haven for empathy to grow. With the use of an interactive platform and the help of storytelling, animated images, and audio, I plan to aid in the conversation that showcases just how similar individuals are, and how similar situations are viewed differently from person to person in hopes to spark a wave of empathy and understanding.

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Narrative therapy--Interactive multimedia--Design; Storytelling--Interactive multimedia--Design; Empathy--Social aspects

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Summer 2020

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Visual Communication Design (MFA)

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School of Design (CAD)


Mike Strobert

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Miguel A. Cardona


RIT – Main Campus

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