Loneliness is a major issue in this era, and youth, as a group, is becoming the main force of the lonely group. Young people are in the stage of being immature. Facing the era of knowledge and information explosion, they are learning how to be adults for the first time. They are eager to love and be loved, they are eager for material satisfaction, they are eager to communicate, and they are eager for the world to understand them. At the same time, they are rebellious and loudly proclaiming their independence and freedom. But they become more lonely because of treason.

Then it comes to the question that is there a loneliness epidemic among the youth?

The media seems to have agreed that the world are experiencing a ‘loneliness epidemic’. There are literally thousands of newspaper articles that use this exact expression. What is the evidence for this? The word ‘epidemic’ suggests that things are getting much worse and loneliness is increasing rapidly. So, what is the cause of loneliness? Why does it become a popular trend and what harm does it do to the youth?

This article will start with discussion on the cause and influence of youth loneliness, and then the study of the influence of color psychology on loneliness, as well as the solutions.

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