For the thesis, I designed and created individual pieces of furniture and other objects that contribute to a sophisticated, cohesive atmosphere that reminds viewers of home: a comfortable and happy environment. The reason I chose this concept is that I have been away from my hometown for a long time, where I am familiar and relaxed in my surroundings. As time passed, I missed the comforting atmosphere of my home. Therefore, I used furniture as a structural element to build and create a place that inspires home emotions. Referring to Asian culture and aesthetics, I chose the concept of the circle as my guiding design inspiration. The circle means being together, harmony, and all-encompassing completeness. A circle is also a form that exists everywhere in daily life and throughout human culture, from the sun and moon to objects in our everyday household. Therefore, the circle is a critical connection to my work. I strive to bring closeness to the relationship between furniture, home, and atmosphere. Home is the place where people live, and in this space, furniture is a crucial part of building a home. It is also an essential tool that helps us in our daily life. I embody the concept of home and its atmosphere into my work through details, choice of materials, manufacturing processes, and my design language.

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Furniture design; Circle in art

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Furniture Design (MFA)

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School for American Crafts (CAD)


Andy Buck

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Rolf Hoeg

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John Aäsp


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