Carotid artery disease accounts for 20-30% of all strokes in the western world, and while several surgical procedures have been developed and utilized for decades as a means of treatment, each method comes with its own set of drawbacks (Saw et. al., 2007). A novel procedure, known as transcarotid artery revascularization (TCAR), seeks to mitigate the shortcomings of these previous surgical approaches.

The illustrations depicting the TCAR procedure are intended to assist in the education of surgeons and operating room staff who are responsible for carrying out the procedure. The Vascular Surgery Department at the University of Rochester Medical Center intends to present these illustrations during vascular surgery conferences, and for continuing medical education.

Thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysms (TAAAs) present another common vascular morbidity for the aging population. Physician-Modified Endografts (PMEGs) are an alternative to traditional open surgery for the repair of TAAAs. The procedure to deploy them is minimally invasive, requiring catheters in the arm and groin rather than a large incision down the midline of the body. They are also a viable alternative to company-manufactured endografts (CMEs) when case urgency precludes a long manufacturing time (Oderich et. al., 2019).

The PMEG illustrations are intended for use in a patient education pamphlet. The University of Rochester Medical Center is not currently participating in an investigational device exemption (IDE), though a proposal to the FDA is in the works. Presently, patients desiring an endovascular approach can either be enrolled in an IDE trial at another location, or they can consent to receiving a PMEG at the University of Rochester, despite the lack of IDE.

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