The business sector in Kosovo is dominated by men, while women are seen as an outsider if deciding to be part of it. The number of women business owners is low compared to men business owners. This research paper will present the many factors that affect the low number of women business owners, how they correlate with one another, and how one can move passed those. A number of these factors relate to the mentality of Kosovo’s society, low financial stability of women, low education of women, and the low number of day-care facilities, and the lack of affordable private day-care facilities. These constraints are making the effort of women to open a business rather arduous. An important aspect explored in this research paper is the idea of patriarchy in Kosovo’s society. Many would question the existence of it, given that laws of the state reflect an equal society. However, in reality, the applicability of the Kanun of Leke Dukagjini, the domestic violence towards women, low inheritance for women, and the low education opportunities for them, show the opposite, highlighting the presence of patriarchy in Kosovo and the effects of it. To analyze the hardships and barriers faced by Kosovar women in business this current research uses information collected through interviews and a survey with two age groups to better illustrate their different viewpoints on women’s role in the society and their acceptance in the business sector. Further, this research paper also includes interviews with men and women business owners of different types of businesses. With the information gathered from the interviews and the literature review, recommendations are drawn with regards to the approaches that should be taken to increase the number of women business owners in Kosovo. Recommendations also include the measures necessary to support and empower women to not limit themselves within the idea that the business sector is exclusive for men.

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Venera Demukaj

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