This present study explores the prevalence of school violence in the pre-university level of education in Kosovo. Despite the underreported cases, school violence is common and a distressing issue. Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (MEST) in Kosovo has adopted prevention-based approach towards school violence since 2014 (with a revision in 2018) and regulated that each school must have at least one School Psychologist (SP). Despite the reform efforts, the implementation of such regulations is incomplete. The current study hypothesized that school violence rates are higher in urban schools thus prevention-based programs are more likely to be implemented in these schools; and that SPs do not take part in the implementation of prevention-based programs. The results, based on an analysis of secondary and primary data, did not provide enough support that urban schools tend to have higher implementation levels of prevention programs; whereas the second hypothesis was confirmed by the data, in that SPs’ role is minimal to non-existent in school violence prevention. Since the role of SPs in violence prevention in Kosovo’s schools is an under researched topic, this present study provides insightful evidence and serves as a starting point for further research and discussion on this issue.

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Venera Demukaj

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Albina Balidemaj


RIT Kosovo