This research project explores the implications of freelancing in the activity rate of women in the labor market in Kosovo. It specifically analyzes the employment barriers that women encounter such as taking care of children/elders, lack of suitable and flexible jobs, and low wage. It further elaborates on the concept of freelancing and the opportunities for Kosovar youth in general and for women in particular. The research includes a review of secondary data, an online survey, and focus group discussions. Findings from the research confirm the potential of freelancing to impact the participation of women in the job market as well as the development of Kosovo’s digital economy. Though, constraints such as lack of awareness regarding remote work and lack of necessary skills are prevalent. Taking into account that there is limited research concerning freelancing in Kosovo, its prospects and activity, this project can help in filling some of these gaps.

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Senior Project

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Venera Demukaj

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Dita Dobranja


RIT Kosovo