Celebrity endorsement is one of the most popular and effective strategies in advertising. Celebrities are perceived as attractive and having both likable qualities and influential power. Marketers have become more aware of the influence celebrities have on individuals and have harnessed this into advertising products and services. Empirical studies have shown that celebrities have been very effective in advertising low-risk products and services. But how effective is this strategy in advertising high-risk products and services? This study employed the elaboration likelihood model to investigate the impact of a celebrity endorser compared to a non-celebrity endorser on consumer behavior in advertising high-risk products/services with a focus on dietary supplements. The results of this study show that consumers used more of the peripheral route of information processing in examining the celebrity advertisement. There was no significant difference in the impact between the celebrity endorser and non-celebrity endorser.They both had a positive relationship with attitude toward the product. However, they did not significantly affect consumers’ purchase intention.

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Endorsements in advertising--Public opinion; Risk perception; Celebrities--Public opinion

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