With the development of science and technology, computer networks and smart devices are widely used in our life and strongly driving social growth, including the field of education. Cities are becoming bigger and bigger. People are getting busier in modern times. People have lots of free but short time slots every day, but attending traditional classes is limited by the factors of geographical location, distance, time, etc. Thus the demand for on-line meetings and remote learning is sharply increasing. People are seeking a convenient and effective method to gain knowledge or information with their fragment time. This thesis is under such a background and focuses on the exploration of the Motion Graphics Educational tools based on the animations ‘Weddings’.

This thesis project presents an applicable design solution to facilitate extensive online educational classes. The author designed a series of animations of weddings in two specific times as an Exploratorium attempt via motion graphics from four aspects, audio, time, graphics, and motion effects. This thesis describes the process discussion on the topics of design and the benefits based on these four factors. For further accessible cultural communication, the author set up a website of weddings to work as a public channel to display the animations to the audience. On purpose for better understand the benefits of motion graphic educational tools better and functional realization effectiveness of this project, the author conducted two surveys and analyzed the responses and confirmed the educational tools do work to convey the expected information to the audience.

This thesis project demonstrates how motion graphics are implicated as a useful educational tool based on the animations ‘Weddings.’ It creates a more learner-friendly and accessible manner for the audience to gain knowledge or information conveniently and efficiently.

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Distance education--Evaluation; Internet in education--Evaluation; Weddings--China--History--Interactive multimedia--Public opinion

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Visual Communication Design (MFA)

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School of Design (CAD)


Adam Smith

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Daniel DeLuna


RIT – Main Campus

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