A village girl, Yulan (19), goes to Shanghai and her life changes completely.

Yulan runs out from a small village in Yunnan, because her family only cares about her brother, and the culture in that town is that boys are always superior to girls. The boy next door from hometown, Jinxian Fang (26), takes care of Yulan. Yulan wants to be independent and moves out, and she has a roommate Mulan (26). Mulan is the kind of female that Yulan wants to become.

Yulan finds out Jinxian has some secret business, and he seems cheats on her. After the suggestion of Mulan, Yulan accidently sees the process that Jinxian dismembers a girl. She is freaked out. At the same time, she finds out Mulan is a policewoman who are watching her and Jinxian all the time. Yulan feels betrayed and hazy. She runs away with Jinxian, but Jinxian disappoints her again and again and refuses to turn himself to the police. During a fight, Yulan kills Jinxian with his gun. Mulan finds her before the rest of the police. She cleans the set and tells others that Jinxian commits a suicide.

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Motion picture authorship; Motion pictures--Production and direction; Thrillers (Motion pictures); Young women--China--Drama

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Film and Animation (MFA)

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School of Film and Animation (CAD)


Franklin Deese

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