How can I connect people through my art? My research focuses on the “bonds” of relations. The intent is for my art to become a bond to connect people. Compared to just walking around and staring at the artwork, I believe that experience with touch and play can impact audiences more directly.

The idea of my work is based on the experience of passing notes to exchange messages When I was a student I wrote notes to friends, then folded the note to create an origami form before passing them to the recipient. The origami from transformed the note into a gift, loaded with emotion, feeling, and wishes while also containing the content so that only the intended recipient could read the message. The presentation of my work is arranged into three sections: Static Area, Playground Area, and Statue Area. Among them, The Static Area attracts visitors the most. The area demonstrates how to make a bunny origami.

Due to time restrictions and the availability of multiple activities in the exhibition, I do not ask my audience to perform every activity. Understanding is obtained by watching the video or exploration. If visitors start to fold an origami, which is not an easy task, they might ask for help from whoever is next to them. After that, they might or might not make a bunny successfully. When people begin to help each other finish the origami, the bond is created.

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Interactive art; Origami; Rabbits in art; Metal sculpture--Themes, motives

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