The surface of the world is composed of innumerable points which may be abstracted for the sake of comprehension, like molecules, numbers, and pixels, they may also be an apple, a road, or a single person. Under these points, there are numerous nets, which are independent but also link everything together. They combine all of the numerous points together, and are the foundation of the points. I hope to see the nets through the points to explore the core of the world underneath.

I reconstruct the points and nets to create a visual representation of their relationships within our physical reality. My interpretation is a representation of my thoughts of these points in the world and my respect for them. They all come from a symbol that I created, which is extracted from my existence and presents the essence of my thought. In the process of the repetition it evolves and turns into a practical life, which becomes my avatar and shares the same soul with me.

Based on these concepts, I made my thesis works and showed them both in a thesis group show and a solo show. Through the process of the repetition, I tried to connect the abstraction with my practical life: maps, forms, colors and the lines in my sketches. I used one of the most original materials on the earth – clay, to make works, which also became my avatar and shared the same soul with me.

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Ceramic sculpture--Themes, motives; Ceramic sculpture--Technique; Taoist art; Metaphysics in art; Color in art; Repetitive patterns (Decorative arts)

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Ceramics (MFA)

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School for American Crafts (CAD)


Jane Shellenbarger

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Peter Pincus

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Denton Crawford


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