When Earth is no longer able to house living creatures, humans will need a new environment to inhabit. Space tourism companies are already looking toward building civilizations in outer space. In accordance, humans will need space wear that is able to support their bodies for long periods of time, therefore supporting life outside of Earth. NASA’s white spacesuits protect astronauts but are hard to move in and costly to manufacture. As designers, it is vital to envision different solutions for spacesuits because it will soon become our normal clothing. The importance of designing for future space travel for everyone may seem ridiculous and out of reach, but we can learn a lot through imagined scenarios and products that will be useful for the future of mankind. This project and thesis explores the needs and desires of a space suit for life outside of the Earth’s atmosphere.

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Space suits--Design; Space tourism; Space travelers--Clothing--Design

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Industrial Design (MFA)

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School of Design (CAD)


Stan Rickel

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Lorraine Justice


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