CrossFit and weightlifting have been on the rise as a popular sport of choice for men and women. It can be intense and taxing on the body, but also fun and rewarding. There’s no better feeling than when you finally hit a new personal record, lifting more than you ever have before. With weightlifting, however, come the “mystery bruises” that you don’t realize you’re giving yourself until you get home and look in the mirror. That is why I am going to attempt to answer the question of: How might we design athletic gear that protects weight lifting and CrossFit athletes in areas that bruise from repetitive contact with the barbell?

Through research it has been found that the most commonly impacted and bruised area of the body when weight lifting is the collarbone. The goal of this product is to provide an effective and non-intrusive, impact resistant solution to cover and protect the collarbone. The proposed Catch Guard is worn around the athlete’s neck and extends down the chest to cushion the blow of the barbell on the collar bones.

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