The society in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia obstructs people who want to see a psychiatrist, especially adolescents. Based on the lack of mental health support in Saudi Arabia, this thesis will introduce a mental health institute project for adolescents that puts more attention on specific design factors, such as daylighting, color, and green roofs. These aspects provide help for the recovery process by supporting healing according to many psychological studies. This psychiatric institute will be specialized for teenagers 10-19 because the early intervention at this critical period has the possibility for the potential for making a lifelong difference. by providing a supportive structure to the psychiatric profession the goal is to reduce the incidence of mental disorders in adulthood making a significant difference in the lives of the next generation. This proposed project is located in Makkah city because of its lack of mental hospitals. the goal of the architecture is to provide a welcoming location for a mental health facility that aids in reducing the stigma of seeing a psychiatrist in Makkah. The creation of a high-quality place for mental health stresses that mental health is an essential part of a teenager's overall health and that the emotional wellbeing of them is as important as their physical health.

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Mental health facilities--Saudi Arabia--Design and construction; Teenagers--Mental health services--Saudi Arabia

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Spring 2020

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Architecture (M.Arch.)

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Architecture (GIS)


Alissa de Wit-Paul

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Dennis A. Andrejko


RIT – Main Campus

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