Nowadays, wearing proper makeup is proved to be a powerful tool which can help women get benefit in their workplace. However, many employee women face a problem about making everything perfect done in the rush morning time, especially wearing makeup, which can result in a lot of negative effects not only in personal health but also in the family relationship. Suffering from poor morning experience might mass their beginning of the day and consequently ruing the whole day. Due to the boring and complex cosmetics organizers, the problem came to be more severe for them and make the makeup process neither effective nor enjoyable. This project aiming at optimizing their morning experience and offering a positive psychological suggestion when using the interactive cosmetics organizer. The organizer is designed to bring these women easier, more effective and delighter makeup experience which helps them to come over the stressed morning and to be well-prepared for a new day.

The paper firstly evaluates that how the products affect the makeup process in the morning as well as analyzing users emotion activities throughout the whole process. And then it demonstrates the design process by figuring out how to create a comfortable environment and interaction between the product and users. The paper also addresses how emotional design and experience design works in this project which aimed at upgrading women workers' makeup process and their morning experience and finally benefits their life.

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Cosmetics containers--Design; Boxes--Design; Time management

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Industrial Design (MFA)

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School of Design (CAD)


Alex Lobos

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Mindy Magyar


RIT – Main Campus

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