Nitryl chloride (ClNO2) and nitrosyl chloride (ClNO) are pollutants that have been detected in the lower atmosphere.1 Interconnecting chemical reactions between the chlorine and nitrogen oxide cycles of the stratosphere may also produce these molecules, Two methods for·preparing ClNO were evaluated, and experimental techniques for determining the purity of ClNO2 were developed, The vapor pressure arid mass spectrum for ClNO2 and the ultraviolet absorption cross sec­tions of ClNO2 and ClNO were investigated. Preliminary results for the photochemical decomposition of ClNO2 with 253.7 and 356.5 run radiation are reported, and the ener­getically possible steps for photochemical dissociation of ClNO2 are summarized, Data involving the absorption cross sections and pri­mary photochemical processes, such as those that we have studied, are needed as input for calculations modelling the chemistry of the stratosphere. No data on the ab­sorption cross sections of ClNO2 have been previously reported.

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Chlorides; Chemistry, Inorganic; Atmospheric chemistry

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