The current digital age and era where technological advancements and innovation have revolutionized various sectors, photos and videos are the most convenient and direct medium for people to record and share their personal lives today. In this digital era and internet age, mobile phone cameras have replaced cameras as the most widely used photography tools. While documenting personal life with photos, people gradually pay more and more attention to the artistry and aesthetics of photos. Just recording that life can no longer satisfy them, how to present more of their own life is a new pursuit of videos and pictures as it can be seen from the webpage.

Many phone applications and specifically camera apps have a designed filter function that helps people to optimize their photos. These camera apps have gradually filled people's mobile phones. Selecting a filter and then taking a photo-shoot has become a standard process for daily photography. If the image is not satisfactory after the shooting completed, the photos can be re-optimized by light adjustment and liquefaction deformation in the camera apps as it can be noted from the webpage on page 16. Unfortunately, the power of those filter functions cannot change the reality of the release of mediocre images because of the lack of composition skills. Compared to filters and other photo re-optimized functions, photography composition is the skill that people need to learn and master in the earlier stage. However, most people find it difficult to determine.

In this project there will be a demonstration of how AR interactive instruction is rationally helping people in learning photography compositions; give users an enjoyable experience to improve the better skill of photography. This project will present in an interactive interface, and a prototype shows the use of this application.

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Composition (Photography)--Study and teaching--Interactive multimedia--Design; Augmented reality; Mobile apps--Development

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Visual Communication Design (MFA)

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