Recently, cases of child sexual abuse have drawn considerable attention in China. According to the data released by the China Children's Culture and Arts Foundation, the number of childhood sexual abuse cases reported by the media in 2018 was 318. However, the lagging sex education provides criminals with chances to escape prosecution. Many children who have been sexually abused do not understand what sexual behavior is, do not even know where they have been hurt, and can't tell which part of their body has been violated. In China, 90% of parents do not talk with their children about "sex". Less than 6% of parents communicate with their children about sexual intercourse and contraception.

Today, more and more people begin to pay attention to sexuality education. However, sex education is still lacking due to reasons like teachers and parents lacking the relevant experience and methods to teach children well, and the insufficient attention of relevant departments, and so on. The children's education on the prevention of sexual abuse has a long way to go.

"ProtectMe" is an educational app for 3 to 10 years-old children that teaches them how to identify and hopefully prevent sexual abuse. By analyzing a large number of real-life cases of sexual abuse, the app will teach children how to choose to protect themselves in every dangerous situation, as well as to teach them the parts of their body and distinguish between safe and unsafe physical contact. Using a gamification approach, this app is committed to delivering accurate and authentic knowledge effectively. It will also actively guide parents to participate and gives them some professional guidance.

Compared to books, a mobile app is also a more attractive, engaging, and cost-effective educational method. Through this kind of edutainment, children can build awareness of protecting their own body, learn to identify potential risk factors in the environment, and seek help from trusted people in times of danger. More importantly, it helps to form a linkage between home, school, and social forces.

On the road of popularizing the use of children's' sexual education, the cruel truth and the resistance of reality are never reasons for stopping. However, on the topic of preventing sexual abuse of children, it is hoped that the injured children can receive proper care and protection. At the same time, the relevant laws and systems will be sound and implemented, and related work will continue to gain attention and follow-up.

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