In contemporary society, people tend to judge and evaluate the growth and development status of others to different degrees. Also, people are easily persuaded by others' judgments, gossip, and appraisement. However, people ignore the importance of both their backstories and those of others; thus, a person may make subjective and incomplete value judgments.

The first approach of my project included an illustration of a typical story of a Chinese woman at turning points of her life: childhood, puberty, teenage rebellion, marriage, and menopause. The purpose of this illustration is to make the audience imagine and resonate with the different turning points but common to everyone by these scenes. To enrich the project with technology, the 2D illustration was changed to the 3D interactive model to engage further the audience and reveal the things that are not visible on the 2D image. The parallax art is designed by coding, which creates the 3D effect and gives viewers the ability to rotate the model and view different angles. My project reveals that each person's backstories are different, and the life choices they make in the future would be different. Hoping the project can enhance people's self-knowledge, awareness, and understanding of others by reminding us of our experiences that can drive our choices. Helping to realize the importance of people's backstory and experience rather than blindly and quickly judge whether others' choices are right or not, means we need to learn to respect our backstories.

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Life change events--Interactive multimedia--Design; Life cycle, Human--Interactive multimedia--Design; Three-dimensional display systems--Design

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