Perinatal Mood Disorders (PMDs) are the leading complication in pregnancies today. They stretch beyond the mother and can affect fathers and non-biological parents or guardians as well. The negative implications of these disorders diffuse out through the family into society as a catalyst for hindered child development, attachment disorders, lower cognitive abilities, and behavioral issues. They often have a profoundly negative effect on the family unit such as causing higher rates of violence, divorce, and loss of work. Parents experiencing mood disorders often have lower compliance rates when it comes to safety measures, such as using child car seats and attending regular wellness visits. Furthermore, these disorders largely go unidentified and untreated due to a combination of social stigma and an ineffective screening process. The proposed system, MyDoula, will address these medical, social, and economic issues by creating a wearable and interactive application platform that will save time and deliver more accurate identification rates to healthcare professionals. As a result, it will provide an opportunity for preventative treatments that can ultimately improve patient outcomes.

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Postpartum psychiatric disorders--Prevention--Interactive multimedia--Design; Perinatology--Interactive multimedia--Design; Childbirth--Psychological aspects--Interactive multimedia--Design; Parenthood--Psychological aspects--Interactive multimedia--Design

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