Smart Tracking for healthier lifestyle is an interactive prototyping application to monitor sugar intake. For most individuals, their amount of sugar intake is much higher than the amount they need per day. Many people like sweet food as they find that it makes them satisfied and relaxed. People tend to consume sugar unconsciously eating cakes, candies, drinking soft-drinks, juice, and even coffee. Regular consumption of these foods substantially increases the amount of sugar people consume. It has been found that people are less conscious of their sugar intake in regard to drinking liquids than eating solid foods. Parents are very worried about this situation as they realize that their children follow unhealthy diets. Many kids are addicted to sugary drinks which are bad for of their health. It is hard to track the amount of sugar intake especially in drinks, and many parents find it difficult to make their children reduce the amount of sugar intake.

This project aims at contributing to the motivation of individuals to make healthier choices in a more convenient way. Also, it is an attempt to create a digital interactive system that helps track sugar intake. The approach used to solve this problem is to design a digital interactive system to make the inputting process more accessible. Hence, people will be aware of the amount of sugar they consume with what they eat and drink, making the sugar amount more meaningful to the user by designing the information and visualizing the statistics. Also, it will provide an opportunity to hold the application to get the amount of sugar for the products before a person buys it in the grocery store by using the emerging Augmented Reality technology. The app will attract more individuals because of the easy use, recording process, as well as more meaningful and accurate statistics. This data will be visualized on the smartphone, providing an overview idea of the sugar intake amount. Based on the statistics, it will suggest some dishes, drinks, snacks and recipes for user.

The essential goal of the thesis project is to make a user aware of the overall amount of a daily sugar intake, provide accurate statistics about food, and help users reduce the amount of sugar intake.

The project results will enable to open a new market to help users make healthier decisions and making their healthier choices more convenient through the rapid data input. Moreover, the AR integration and data analysis will assist in leading a healthier life, combining and connecting both interaction design and product design.

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Food--Sugar content--Interactive multimedia--Design; Sugars in human nutrition--Interactive multimedia--Design; Sugar--Health aspects--Interactive multimedia--Design; Beverages--Health aspects--Interactive multimedia--Design; Application software--Development

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Visual Communication Design (MFA)

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