Urban planners and architects have concerned about the architectural style and theme of the NEOM city, because most of the new cities in the area seemed to be a generic city, no one wants to have another Dubai, Manhattan and Singapore. So what is the best code or development guideline should a new city in the area of Saudi Arabia should fallow to become the most sustainable city without losing the Saudi’s identity? This thesis research will provide a form-based code guide for sustainable development of NEOM City in Saudi Arabia for architectural character based on research and analysis of some case studies that can be helpful for NEOM also the author’s own experience since I am from Saudi Arabia. Also, it will develop some sustainable suggestions based on analysis case studies in terms of water treatment, energy and waste management. NEOM is a new city in the North-Western of Saudi Arabia by the Red Sea and includes territory from Jordan and Egypt as well. The government of Saudi Arabia wants to build it from scratch towards new challenge 2030 vision for new kind of tomorrow and a new blueprint for sustainable life on a scale that never been experienced before1. This thesis will provide a guide for sustainable design of NEOM City. Also, this proposal will address the Saudi vernacular architecture, sustainable new urbanism and 21th-century technology. The reason for this proposal because residential buildings, commercial and landmarks make up most of the urban fabric of any city. NEOM city would be smart, green and sustainable city; also, with Saudi’s architecture identity and old technique such as passive cooling, MEOM will have the best architecture and urban design combination ever. The research will address the smart growth code and how NEOM will add Saudi’s identity to it and make the most of it for a futuristic city. New urbanism movement will impact NEOM city in positive ways such as improve environment quality, enhance walkability and provide diverts affordable housing options.

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Sustainable urban development--Saudi Arabia; Sustainable architecture--Saudi Arabia

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Fall 2019

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Architecture (M.Arch.)

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Architecture (GIS)


Nana-Yaw Andoh

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Dennis A. Andrejko


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