Society as a whole isn’t aware of how their personal data on social media is being used and collected after clicking agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Although many Americans claim they care about protecting their personal and private information, many readily agree to the terms and conditions without realizing the implications of such actions. "A Deloitte survey of 2,000 consumers in the U.S found that 91% of people consent to legal terms and services conditions without reading them. For younger people, ages 18-34 the rate is even higher with 97% agreeing to conditions before reading," (Cakebread, 2017). In readily agreeing to the terms and conditions, individuals don't fully realize what can be done with their information.

Providing users with greater insight into exactly what the terms and conditions say, as well as the implications of agreeing to the terms and conditions, will raise awareness and hopefully alter their future behavior.

We believe creating a strong and compelling experience will help raise awareness of this issue. We aimed to raise awareness and educate our audience by giving them greater insight into the terms and conditions individuals have accepted with the hope of altering their future behavior.

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Consumer contracts--Interactive multimedia--Design; Data protection--Interactive multimedia--Design; Internet--Security measures--Interactive multimedia--Design

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