Smartphones have become ingrained in our daily activities, driving their cameras to become better with every generation. As more and more images are being taken by cell phones it has become increasingly important to assess the quality of the images taken by different phones. While many cell phone images are only viewed electronically, many images also get transformed into printed images, especially photo-books, as digital printing gets better and cheaper compared to traditional printing processes. The gap between electronic image and printed image in shrinking rapidly and it becomes important to study the transition of images from screen to paper. The main goal of this research was to perform a rank order experiment for assessing cell phone image capture quality that translates to printed images via several different digital printers. It was of interest to investigate whether the overall image quality on displays correlates well with printed image quality. The important aspect was to study was to observe if there is a loss of image quality due to different digital printers.

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Imaging systems--Image quality; Digital printing--Quality control; Photography--Digital techniques; Smartphones

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Color Science (MS)


Susan Farnand

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Mark Fairchild


RIT – Main Campus

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